We were trying to install OpenSUSE on Microsoft Virtual PC but pretty much as soon as Virtual PC boots from the CD image it gives the error ‘An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered – the virtual machine will reset now’

Googled the error and after various attempts I found that entering this boot option (just by typing it on the first installation menu screen you get) gets past the problem. From what I can figure it’s some incompatibility between Microsoft Virtual PC and non Microsoft operating systems.


After OpenSUSE is installed and when it first boots you’ll have to use that parameter too and then add it as a permanent option to grub so you don’t have to type it at every boot.

Thanks to http://forums.opensuse.org/install-boot-login/391246-ms-vs-2k3-std-opensuse-11-a.html where I found this:

YAST -> System -> Boot Loader -> choose openSUSE 11.0 & Edit -> add noreplace-paravirt to Optional Kernel Command Line Parameter at the end seperated by a space from the others then OK and Finish.