[easyazon-image-link asin=”B001UBB9GM” alt=”Apple iPhone 3G 8GB – Black – Unlocked” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31tyhGdzX9L._SL160_.jpg” align=”left” width=”155″ height=”160″]So the time has come to renew my mobile phone contract and I looked around to see what kid of deals were available. I’ve had an Apple iPhone 3GS for the last 18 months and been quite happy with it but  I’ve had a growing resistance to the Apple philosophy and been leaning much more towards open source software. Comparing prices for the iPhone 4 finally convinced me to make the switch to Android and I am now the owner of an HTC Desire HD.

When I first bought my iPhone the iPhone was the only good option for a smart phone but now with the growth in the availability of Android handsets many people must be in the same position as me and deciding whether to stick with their iPhone 3GS (or upgrade to an iPhone 4) or switch to an Android phone. Hopefully my observations, experiences and ramblings about the transition here will help some of you.

Week 1 – First Impressions
So here is my initial reaction to switching to the HTC Desire. The desire has a bigger screen but at first I found it difficult to use compared to the iPhone screen. The Desire screen seemed both more sensitive yet less accurate than the iPhone. After several days use though I’m beginning to think that it was really just that I’d been used to the iPhone screen and adapted to that and was now adapting to the Desire screen equally well.

The benefit of an Android phone is that you can install different on screen keyboards too so if you want so different methods of autocomplete or swype keyboards you can just install them.

Getting familiar with the Android interface was not too difficult, it’s just different to the iPhone so you have to forget your old ways and pickup the android way. Being much more open than the iPhone though does result in having many more options and different places to access those options where the iphone is more consistent.

Once I’d become familiar with the Android interface I began to start installing the apps I need and get everything up and running.