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Microsoft Access & MySQL – Lock Violations

One issue I’ve found using Microsoft Access as a front end to MySQL is that when running an update query I often got an error saying the record was not updated due to a lock violation. It turns out if the data Access is updating is the same as the existing values then it gives […]

Step by Step MySQL Replication

Here’s a quick checklist on how to setup replication. gives more information. First on the master server’s my.cnf or my.ini file comment out these lines: #skip-networking #bind-address            = Then in the [mysqld] section add: log-bin=mysql-bin server-id=1 Then restart MySQL with /etc/init.d/mysql restart Now create a user on the master that the slave can use to […]

MySQL remote connection problems

I’ve been experimenting with running MySQL on different operating systems and LAMP/WAMP/OAMP platforms and as I always wanted to connect to the database server from a PC on my LAN I have kept coming across connection errors. So far I’ve figured out that the following steps fix most of the connection issues. I should say […]

MySQL System Tray Monitor and Windows Vista

I’ve installed MySQL server on Windows Vista and installed the MySQL GUI tools. I found a problem with the MySQL System Tray Monitor though – it seemed unable to stop, start or restart the MySQL service and would not allow me to save any changes I made to the MySQL instance configuration. Whenever I tried to […]