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iPhone contacts lost after IOS 4.1 update

I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to IOS 4.1 yesterday and as with the last update it lost all my contacts. I use Google Apps for my contacts, mail and calendars and sync them with my iPhone (by setting up an Exchange account on the iPhone) and as last time the only way to get my […]

Thunderbird Character Encoding

Recently I’ve been receiving email in Mozilla Thunderbird which display odd characters. Changing the character encoding of the individual message solved the problem but only for that message. Auto detection of the character encoding was enabled but didn’t seem to be working – until I messed around with the settings and did this: Go to […]

Backing Up Gmail Email

Having switched completely to using Gmail a few months ago I’ve recently started thinking about the consequences of having all my mail in the cloud. If Gmail ever went down or more likely if my Internet connection went down or I was just in some location without Internet access how would I access my existing sent […]