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Windows Mobile ‘Reply to All’ replies to yourself

Having just set up a new smartphone running Windows Mobile connecting to Microsoft Exchange we found that the default option on incoming emails was ‘reply to all’ even if the email had only one sender and recipient. If you selected reply to all and replied the reply was sent to the sender of the original […]

Outlook 2003 & Exchange connection problems

I’ve found a lot of Outlook to Exchange server connection problems can be fixed (and speeded up) by editing this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider And making sure ncacn_ip_tcp is first on the list.

Blackberry synchronization fails

Problem: We had a Blackberry and were using Blackberry Professional Server version to connect to a Microsoft Exchange 2003 server. Periodically the software would just stop sending messages to the Blackberry for no known reason.   Solution: No permanent solution found yet – See workaround.   Workaround: Delete user from Blackberry server and restart […]