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Unable to see buttons on a Netbook screen

Netbooks by their nature have small screens, many which have a vertical resolution which is on 600px. The problem with this is that many web pages and some applications have dialog boxes or popups where the buttons you’d like to click (like OK and SAVE!) are often off the bottom of the screen and unreachable. […]

Windows 7 Icons Missing

Without reason one of our PCs started displaying incorrect icons on the desktop and in Explorer. The original icons were replaced with a Windows default icon – the kind you get when Windows doesn’t know what icon to show. We’ve had similar problems in previous versions of Windows and knew that the answer was to […]

Windows 7 Triple-Click Double-Click

Since upgrading to Windows 7 I’ve found my desktop icons were being a little unresponsive. At first I thought maybe my mouse was on the way out but then realised it was happening on all my Windows 7 PCs. It seemed that to get a desktop icon to open you had to click once to […]

Apache/WAMP slow on Windows 7

We’ve just upgraded two PCs to Windows 7. Everything went well and there’s no issues with drivers or speed in general until we install WAMP on one of them. After installing WAMP the PC was still running at normal speed with WAMP running but whenever we tried to access a simple website we had set […]