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Unable to see buttons on a Netbook screen

Netbooks by their nature have small screens, many which have a vertical resolution which is on 600px. The problem with this is that many web pages and some applications have dialog boxes or popups where the buttons you’d like to click (like OK and SAVE!) are often off the bottom of the screen and unreachable. […]

Accessing localhost on Vista/Windows 7

After installing WAMP on Windows Vista we came across a problem where we cannot access the default website using http://localhost – The name just doesn’t seem to resolve. For some reason in Vista and Windows 7 localhost doesn’t work out of the box. To get it working you have to add this line to the […]

Beware Vista Junction Points!

We’ve been having a few issues when copy files on Vista PCs. It started when we copied a ‘My Documents’ folder from an XP PC into a user’s documents folder on a Vista PC. We looked in the documents folder and found that the ‘My Pictures’ folder in the ‘My Documents’ folder on the XP […]

Windows Media Center and ATI Graphics

We had a PC running Vista Ultimate with a Hauppauge Nova PCI dual tuner DVB receiver hooked up to a little stick antenna using Windows Media Center. Reception on some channels was sometimes a little flaky but then for the last week the video has been pretty much frozen and jittering on all channels but […]