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Accessing localhost on Vista/Windows 7

After installing WAMP on Windows Vista we came across a problem where we cannot access the default website using http://localhost – The name just doesn’t seem to resolve. For some reason in Vista and Windows 7 localhost doesn’t work out of the box. To get it working you have to add this line to the […]

Windows Media Center and ATI Graphics

We had a PC running Vista Ultimate with a Hauppauge Nova PCI dual tuner DVB receiver hooked up to a little stick antenna using Windows Media Center. Reception on some channels was sometimes a little flaky but then for the last week the video has been pretty much frozen and jittering on all channels but […]

Vista: ‘a program needs your permission’ at startup

Certain programs that need to run at startup in Windows Vista require your permission to run. As a result these programs can often be blocked at startup by Vista. To get these programs to run at startup you need to use task scheduler to run them at logon rather than starting them through the registry […]

Changing the Windows Vista Internet time synchronization interval

Windows Vista can keep your PC’s time correct by synchronizing with an Internet time server. To check that Windows is set to do this right-click the clock in the system tray and select Adjust Time/Date. Then click the Internet Time tab, if this tab says you are not synchronizing with an Internet Time server then […]